Jan Jansen

50.2 Cultureforce
  • Jan Jansen is the Founder of Easy Branches Co., Ltd. Easy Branches is the Brainchild of Jan Jansen. I always uses a variety of methods to get things done. Thus the different styles you see are reflective of these methods. In creating different styles to suit the consumers needs, I never stop to incorporate different methods and gets your desire results. Think positive, work with passion in a unique character is always being my personality. Hope to live with healthy and he is always be straight in life. I am a Professional Social Media Network Builder http://www.janjansen.asia/

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  • Newbie 10
  • Legit 20
  • Emcee 30
  • Socialite 40
  • Trendsetter 50
  • Cultureforce 65
  • Mogul 100

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