What is Social IQ ?

About the Social IQ Scoring Algorithm

We are all social creatures. Every day we interact with our friends, family and co-workers. And even though we might not realize it, we have huge influences on those around us. That influence is what we're trying to measure, and reflect through your Social IQ (Social Influence Quotient). Just think about the last time a friend recommended a movie, a restaurant, or a fun place to visit. In the online world our Social IQ can spread even farther and can shape the way people think halfway across the globe.

How much influence do you have online? How loudly can your voice be heard? And do you want your Social IQ to have an impact?

At Socialiq we strive to measure your Social IQ and help you to use your influence to tell people what you care about, whether it’s the latest gadget to hit the streets, or that cool new restaurant that only you know about. Often times you get rewarded for it.

For brands and small businesses who are embracing the social web, that's crucial; and we're here to help brands amplify Word-of-Mouth, by first identifying the right influencers for the task. We look beyond the number friends or followers. For example, how well connected are their peers? Are they trustworthy? And do people actually listen to them?

Social IQ makes it easy to know these answers. It measures influence across three dimensions—Trust, Network and Authority—to provide a comprehensive profile of an individual’s reach across the social web.

  1. How is Social IQ calculated ?

    The Social IQ (Social Influence Quotient) is a metric to measure your online social influence. This score measures the ability of influencing others’ thoughts and actions towards specific areas driven by user interest and expertise. Over 50 variables are tracked to score Trust, Network, and Authority that make up the overall Social IQ.

    A person’s Trust Score is their measure of authenticity. It verifies that they are not trying to game the system, and that what they’re telling the world about themselves is consistent with who they really are.

    The Network Score measures how well connected an individual is across all of their social networks, and in turn, how well connected their peers are. This tells us their potential reach.

    The Authority Score measures how much weight a person’s voice carries across their social networks. It tells us the degree to which people are responding to or sharing their content, and their ability to get peers to act.

  2. What do I do with my Social IQ ?

    The higher your Social IQ, the more privileges and participation doors open for you. Generally speaking, higher Social IQ corresponds to more influence, which corresponds to more rewards. Remember, this is a measure of your social capital and is a representation of your influence footprint, which other applications may want to make use of.

  3. Where can I use my Social IQ ?

    We are in the process of opening our API, creating a mobile application, and making interesting engagement components within and outside of socialiq.com, where users can potentially use their Social IQ for earning their rewards and increasing their influence.

    Our Business marketing, and brand advocacy solutions allow brands to cherry pick users with high Social IQ to engage them for short and long term campaigns. If you fit the profile, you might be in for wonderful treats.

  4. I have recent activity in all my social media profiles, why don't I see an improvement in my Social IQ ?

    Social IQ is a slow moving score by design; especially that it aggregates a multitude of variables that may have residual effect on your IQ. However, anomalies can result in score fluctuations. The moment you sign in, Social IQ sends an update call to your favorite networks through their APIs. This means that scoring depends on information received from those social networks. Often, the network APIs encounter problems that result in API calls that fetch imperfect numbers. This can result in fluctuations of the Social IQ score. But we are working tirelessly to remove such issues from our calculation.

    Also note, if your score does not improve contrary to your perception, please let us know. As a general rule, the best way to grow your Social IQ is to follow the tips on your user account dashboard, which usually provides real-time results.

  5. How often do the scores update ?

    Scores are updated periodically depending on the observed activity on the profile and your levle of influence. Given the limitations we encounter with Twitter API, we proceed by prioritizing the most active and the most influential users. Monthly email updates are sent to inform you on your Social IQ changes.

  6. Why do my scores change ?

    The change in your score depends on a multitude of variables that are used to calculate the Social IQ. A general rule, your authenticity as a user, your activity on the social web and the level of appreciation you get from your audience drive a large portion of this measurement. Based on fluctuations in these sub-scores, your Social IQ can go up or down. Some of the common reasons why the scores change are:

    1. Change in Trust score (Privacy setting, conflicting information across different social media sites etc.)
    2. Connecting/Disconnecting network
    3. Change in the number of connection
    4. An aggregate change in overall activities across different networks
  7. What can I do to improve my Social IQ ?

    Follow the tips on your user account dashboard; you can grow your Social IQ steadily. Those tips in general are:

    1. Improve your trust score: By confirming who you are, or/and by being endorsed by your connections ( ex: Linkedin endorsements improve your trust score), and by sharing your preferences.
    2. Invite friends to find out their Social IQ. It will grow your authority by showing that your connections are listening to you. 3.Post content frequently on the social web: Facebook, or Twitter. Anywhere you post content helps your Social IQ.
    3. Improve the quality of your content: Not all content is created equal, some users create or just share interesting content that gets shared by many and gets spread virally.
    4. Specialize: Try to focus on continuously sharing things in areas where you excel the most. Consistency pays off.
    5. Simply share.